Information security policy


We put in place this information security policy to meet the trust from our clients and society at large. 


1.  Foundation 

We lay the foundation for maintaining and improving information security for ideaship and its subsidiaries including management structures, regulations, and technical means.


2.  Management responsibilities and continuous improvement

Management for ideaship leads the organization in keeping to this policy and in having information assets and personal data of our clients and all other stakeholders as well as of ourselves managed in prudent and evolving ways.


3.  Initiatives by the associates

ideaship associates are to acquire and update knowledge and skills conducive to maintaining and improving information security to underpin organizational efforts, with continuous support by the company.


4.  Compliance with legal and contractual obligations

Management for and associates with ideaship comply with legal, regulatory, moral and contractual obligations related to the security of information assets that serve our business operations.


5.  Responses to violations, accidents, and attacks

We prepare ourselves for responding to violations of legal, regulatory, moral and contractual obligations or accidents related to information security so as to mitigate their impacts. We also take reasonable measures to deal with intrusion and attacks from external parties.


6.  Emergency management

We keep our preparedness up to date to respond to emergencies related to information security to minimize their consequences.


7.  Disclosure

We share this policy with all the associates to have a common understanding and disclose it on our website to meet the needs of stakeholders for our business operations.


February 1, 2023



Daisuke Goto

Representative director, ideaship Inc.