Lab activities

Picture tomorrow's offices

Impacts of the pandemic , coupled with the evolution of technologies, revealed that offices cannot remain the same. On top of safety and health considerations, a fundamental question on what values offices can provide stands in our way. We worked on this project to address the issue, with the helping minds and hands from Umlaut Inc., an interior and visual design expert. 


Put wellbeing theories into practice

Research and field testing of products and services related to WELL

In order to design, build and operate built environment in accordance with WELL Building Standard, products and services compliant with its requirements are essential. We continuously conduct research on products and services that are readily available in the country or region where each project is located. For some of the products in the list, we pursue to check their effectiveness by our own use.


Environmental testing

WELL Building Standard makes it an imperative to test various environmental factors such as air quality in order to put well-being in built environment into practice. We look into testing methodologies conductive to designing and running spaces, looking up WELL Performance Verification Guidebook and other relevant resources as a reference. 


Field studies of work engagement

We test our framework for monitoring and analyzing work engagement to evaluate its effectiveness and make improvements, both internally and at organizations who kindly offer to cooperate with us. With a view to capturing the contexts where each organization operates and each worker lives, we adopt an approach by which qualitative data is carefully analyzed in combination with quantitative analysis.


明日のオフィスの姿を模索する A quest for shapes of tomorrow's office
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