Outcomes of the COVID-19 Hackathon


In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, ideaship participated in an international Hackathon, initiated by CoreNet Global group, alongside 1,000+ industry's leading experts from 35+ countries consisting of 122 teams to collaborate on six topics unique to the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry, including Workplace Wellbeing. Our associate, Ashish Pandya, alongside Satish Kumar Sharma, Priya Shyam, Sujatha Naren, Ceili Murphy, Devanshi Patel, Shuchita Gupta, and Parul Patel. The team of diverse professionals brainstormed ideas and prepared a framework and a map of new normal. Later, these ideas were acknowledged, honoured, and featured in CoreNet Global’s conclusive report, drawing attention on how to (re)set for and adjust to new normal. A brief report "CoreNet Global Hackathon - Workplace Wellbeing by Team 14" provides an overview. 


The Team attempted to explain how post-crisis recovery can be achieved by a combination of resistance, readiness, and resilience so that each organisation should better prepare for the next wave and also for any such future outbreak. Even though we know very little about the pandemic, the onus is on individuals to protect themselves and those they come in contact with by designing and shaping virus resilient workplace. More can be found in our latest report on Workplace Wellbeing Redefined.