Operational Support 運用面の支援


Due to the growing diversity and flexibility of design and operation of work spaces, collecting feedback from occupants is increasigly essential in maintaining occupational wellness. To address this need, ideaship employs surveys, an established tool for understanding and evaluating worker's perception of indoor environmental conditions, wellness policies and their health and wellbeing. We make the feedback process effective and efficient by designing the survey in light of the context of each client, delivering it online for the client's use anywhere in the world in any language, and report the results in a clear and ready-for-use manner.




〇Occupant survey 建物利用者・就業者調査


We support occupant surveys in compliance with C03 (Occupant survey) prescribed in WELL Building Standard v2. We keep the survey process simple and its cost reasonable for the clients' ease of periodic collection of occupants' feedback.  We also support C04 (Enhanced occupant survey) upon request. 





*この調査はWELL Building Standardの「C04.利用者調査」をベースに設計しています。


〇Assessment of remote working environments リモートワーカーの執務空間調査

The pandemic has made workplaces more diverse and flexible than ever before. In order to maintain workers' health and wellbeing, various types of spaces besides conventional offices should become subject to assessment and feedback. ideaship has developed a framework for assessing and improving the wellness of remote working environments. We carefully analyze quantitative data to propose ways to create better remote working environments both individually and organizationally.