Lab activities 研究・実験活動

Picture tomorrow's offices これからのオフィスの姿を描く





Technologies for practicing WELL WELLを実践するための技術


Research and field testing of products and services related to WELL WELLに関連する製品・サービスの調査と試用

In order to design, build and operate built environment in accordance with WELL Building Standard, products and services compliant with its requirements are essential. We continuously conduct research on products and services that are readily available in the country or region where each project is located. For some of the products in the list, we pursue to check their effectiveness by our own use.
WELL building Standardに沿って建築空間を設計・施工・運用するには、規格が求める要求事項を満たす製品やサービスが欠かせません。私達は、各プロジェクトが立地する国・地域で無理なく入手可能な、WELLの意図に適う製品・サービスを継続的に調査しており、その一部については自ら使ってみることを通じて有効性を確認しています。


Environmental testing 環境測定

WELL Building Standard makes it an imperative to test various environmental factors such as air quality in order to put well-being in built environment into practice. We look into testing methodologies conductive to designing and running spaces, looking up WELL Performance Verification Guidebook and other relevant resources as a reference. 
WELL Building Standardは、建築空間におけるウェルビーイングを実現するために、空気質をはじめとする多様な環境要因を実測することを求めています。私達は、WELL Performance Verification Guidebookや他の関連資料も踏まえながら、空間の設計や運用に役立つ測定方法を研究しています。


Accessible and empowering technologies 多くの人にとって手が届き、自ら役立てることができる技術


We collect, apply, improve and disseminate technologies that are useful in solving challenges related to health and sustainability, available for the use of many people, and empowering communities. Currently, we are making attempts to practice the methodology for manufacturing face masks that can be used for medical purposes using commonly available materials, made public in April 2020 by the research team led by Dr. Mahesh M. Bandi, Associate Professor at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate School. 


Field studies of work engagement ワークエンゲージメントの実地研究


We test our framework for monitoring and analyzing work engagement to evaluate its effectiveness and make improvements, both internally and at organizations who kindly offer to cooperate with us. With a view to capturing the contexts where each organization operates and each worker lives, we adopt an approach by which qualitative data is carefully analyzed in combination with quantitative analysis.


明日のオフィスの姿を模索する A quest for shapes of tomorrow's office
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