Virus resilienct spaces ウイルスの影響を受けにくい空間づくり


How workplaces are designed and run gravely impact our preparedness and response against infectious diseases such as COVID-19. We help our clients make their workplaces more virus resilient as part of efforts to enhance overall well-being. In doing so, we refer to the WELL Building Standard and the WELL Health-Safety Rating (both provided by IWBI) and analyse infection routes and behaviours of occupants and visitors of the premise to propose effective and reasonable approaches. 


建築空間の設計や運用は、新型コロナウイルス感染症をはじめとする重大な感染症の予防や発生時の対応に重要な影響を及ぼします。私達は、クライアントの職場のウェルビーイング全体を向上させる一環として、感染症対策を支援します。その際には、IWBIが提供するWELL Building StandardやWELL Health-Safety Ratingを参考にする一方、独自に提供する感染経路・行動分析も実施し、効果的でかつ合理的なアプローチをご提案します。



Our project to sketch virus resilienct spaces ウイルスの影響を受けにくい空間づくりを描くプロジェクト open

Internatioanl initiatives 国際的なイニシアチブ open


Virus Resilient Workplace to Fight COVID-19: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation 新型コロナウイルス対策を組み込んだ職場づくり(英文)
Prepared as an easy-to read whitepaper, it provides an overview of how "virus resilient" workplace can be put in place with a wide range of perpectives, inspired by WELL Building Standard.
Virus Resilient Workplace to Fight COVID
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Controlling infectious diseases and HVAC systems (Japanese) 感染症予防と空調換気設備(新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大抑止のためのポイント)(和文)
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